Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scull Examines Our Head Today

Over at Paul of Tarsus In Historical Context Head gets examined by Scull today.

(Kevin Scull examines Peter Head’s new JSNT article, “Named Letter Carries among the Oxyrhynchus Papyri” in JSNT 2009)


  1. Hopefully my interaction with Dr. Head's article left you and your readers with the impression that I thought the article was excellent. In my next post in my series on envoys and letter carriers I plan to interact a bit more with Dr. Head's article.

    Also, I thought I would add that I too am very interested in papyrology. I was fortunate enough to take Greek papyrology with one of the world experts, Dr. Michael Haslem. Also, I took Greek paleography with Dr. Rapp which addressed both unicial and miniscule handwriting. Both were fascinating courses and I am hoping to find a way to incorporate these skills into my research. Keep up the good work Dr. Head!

  2. To me "excellent" is one thing, but being mentioned in the same post as Margaret Mitchell is another level.