Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Future of New Testament Textual Scholarship (ed. G. V. Allen)


A new book is in the pipeline, to be published in December (or will it be available for the SBL in November?).  

The Future of New Testament Textual Scholarship: From H. C. Hoskier to the Editio Critica Maior and Beyond, edited by Garrick V. Allen (WUNT I).

Mohr-Siebeck’s description
This volume fundamentally re-examines textual approaches to the New Testament and its manuscripts in the age of digital editing and media. Using the eccentric work of Herman Charles Hoskier as a shared foundation for analysis, contributors examine the intellectual history of New Testament textual scholarship and the production of critical editions, identify many avenues for further research, and discuss the methods and protocols for producing the most recent set of editions of the New Testament: the Editio Critica Maior. Instead of comprising the minute re finement of a basically acceptable text, textual scholarship on the New Testament is a vibrant field that impinges upon New Testament Studies in unexpected and unacknowledged ways.

Garrick V. Allen, J. K. Elliott, Gregory Peter Fewster, Peter J. Gurry, Juan Hernández Jr., H. A. G.
Houghton, Annette Hüffmeier, Dirk Jongkind, Martin Karrer, Jennifer Wright Knust, Jan Krans, Thomas J. Kraus, Christina M. Kreinecker, Curt Niccum, D. C. Parker, Jacob Peterson, Stanley E. Porter, Catherine Smith, Jill Unkel, Klaus Wachtel, Tommy Wasserman, An-Ting Y

Approx. 540 pages
ISBN 9783161566622
cloth 145,00 €
ISBN 9783161566639
eBook PDF approx. 145,00 €

The book is the result of a wonderful conference organized by Garrick Allen (see here, here and here).