Monday, May 25, 2009

Elliott review of Parker

The latest JTS also has a long (8 page) review of Parker's Introduction by J.K. Elliott: JTS 60 (2009), 234-241.

Elliott is very appreciative of the book generally, while also pointing out quite a few problems, foibles, omissions, and typos. He refers to it as a primer, but his comments register the lack of any introduction to NA27, few discussions of texts and methods (which for most of us will limit its use as an introductory text). Elliott poses the interesting issue that the Aland's were (rightly) criticised for failing to do justice to publications not controlled by their Institut, and suggests that Parker is in danger of becoming myopic in relation to publications and methods outside of the current Birmingham/Munster axis (e.g. no intro to Claremont Profile Method; no criticism of Mink etc.). All in all he thinks Parker is a "master plumber".

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