Mr Stimer intends to make his own statement on how these texts reached his collection.
  1. Exodus 40: P.Oxy. inv. 30 4B.37/F(1-3)c
  2. Psalms 3-4: inv. 100/103(b)
  3. Ecclesiastes: inv. 102/124(b)
  4. Romans 9-10: inv. 29 4B.46/G(4-6)a [three pieces]
  5. 1 Corinthians 7-10: inv. 106/116(c) 
Second, the EES notes that four papyri featured in Dr Nongbri’s post of 18 October 2019, ‘Recently emerged papyri of dubious origins: a working list’, belong to and remain in the Oxyrhynchus collection, and have been assigned to editors for publication:
  1. Genesis 11: P.Oxy. inv. 11 1B.147/D(a)
  2. Matthew 12: inv. 102/66(d)
  3. Luke? [Luke 12]: inv. 106/113(c)
  4. Luke 2: inv. 104/42(c)
Two other texts (Exodus 40 and Psalms 3-4) are among those being returned to the EES by Mr Andrew Stimer.