Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More on How the New Testament Came Together

Peter Rodgers posted a question whether it is possible to get hard copies of Peter Head's new book, How the New Testament Came Together, through a distributor in USA, since he'd like to make it available to his students at Fuller Seminary, Sacramento.

The distributor, Grove Books indicates the following information on their website (terms and conditions):

Booklets are sent post-free in the UK. For overseas orders, we charge £1.00 for the first booklet plus 25p for each further booklet in Europe, and £1.50 for the first booklet plus 25p for each further booklet in the rest of the world. Subscriptions and ebooks are post-free anywhere in the world.


  1. Peter,
    Thanks for the interest. I dropped by the office this morning and they confirmed: a) there is no US distributor; b) if you want to order a large number then phone or email them (contact details on the web site) because you can get a discount on the price and a better deal on the postage (in effect you become the distributor). E.g. for 100 copies there would be a 30% discount on the price. (I'm not saying you should buy 100 copies by the way - it was just the figure used).

  2. I can't figure out how to get the "free" e-book without giving a credit card number.

  3. That is because the ebook is not free.