Tuesday, November 28, 2006

P75 goes to the Vatican

P75 the remarkable C2/C3 manuscript of Luke and John was apparently sold to the Vatican a few weeks ago amid great protest by international representatives of the academic community. This is a great loss for Cologny and a great gain for the Vatican.


  1. Some (rather vague) info here:

  2. Strangely, they did not sell the rest of P72 (Jude) to the Vatican instead including the rest of that codex with several early Christian writings, because Bodmer had already divided the codex and given the Epistles of Peter to the Pope in the 60's. Such a transaction would have meant the reunion of this codex, but probably significantly less cash...

  3. The web-site links to another page (http://www.pavethewayfoundation.org/images/Bodmer%20description%20stationery.pdf) which is worth reading as it contains some interesting information about the nature of the codex and an interesting discussion of the provenance with information I didn't know before.

  4. 1. Does anybody know which book by Charles Mela is referred to in the Pave the Way article?
    2. Does anybody know if all the fragments of P75 are part of the sale? There apears to be a number of unpublished fragments from John 13-15 from the covers

    Matthew Hamilton

  5. Good questions Matthew!

    I hope we hear answers. Mela was director of the Bodmer Fondation.