Friday, November 03, 2006

How Many Photographs?

How many scanned photographs from a single book can you post on a blog without violating copyright? Does anybody have any idea of the law on this? In minuscule-manuscript-seminar-2 I posted three photos scanned from one book and one scan from each of two other books. That seems reasonable use for teaching and research from my point of view, but are there are standards?

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  1. This is a good and difficult question. Sometimes the copyright holder will require *express written permission* while at other times the *normal* discretion of the user will be relied upon.

    Some Bible version publishers have given broad but defined directives - up to one hundred copies of a given portion(?) of text before further authorization is required.

    Block quotes seem to be a safe limiting size while plate photos are more ambiguous and in the realm of the discretion of the user re number. The purpose of teaching or for educational purposes should be clearly evident.

    These remarks of mine are not legal advice nor should they be relied upon esp. in the international copyright realm.