Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting ready for SBL

Pete is right to suggest that some of us are busy finishing off papers for SBL.* Mark Goodacre has some interesting and humorous advice about using technology in places like the SBL.

* "finishing off" in this context is generally a polite way to describe anything from doing the fundamental research up to photocopying the handouts.


  1. Times like this I'm glad I don't have a laptop/flashpoint/powercard etc. etc. A good old handout will do the trick.

    My presentation's going to be on the "Christ died for sins" formula in Paul (1 Cor. 15.3). This isn't a shameless plug - in fact, I'm interested in whether anyone has any thoughts on the huper/peri variation in the mss. of Gal. 1.4 and 1 Thess. 5.10.


  2. There is another advantage in handouts over or alongside PP:

    A handout provides a take-home message, a hardcopy summary, email, etc., for future corresondence.

    A PowerPoint can't do that unless the audience carefully copies down the info from the screen, that they may or may not see clearly, with the pen and paper that they may or may not have accessible while you're talking.

  3. PS on SBL: (just info, no obligation or shamelessness)
    you're all invited to "Greek Body Parts" Sun aft 5:15-6:30.

    for TextCriticism interests I have a paper at ETS Wed morn 9:30am dealing with literary function of Mark 15:34.

  4. Yes, I love that nice bit of academic code where "I am just finishing my paper on . . ." in fact means "I am just starting my paper on . . ."

  5. That's right. Now, I must just finish my paper on Tregelles and Hort.

  6. Heh. For me, "finishing off" means "figuring out how I'm going to do what I promised in the abstract." Actually, that's only true for one of my papers. For the other one, I've just posted my first draft over at Higgaion, and I invite interested parties, especially Hebraists, to download it and comment.

  7. If the handout is ready before departure there is always the flight during which to compose the paper round it. I'm glad I don't need the flight this year.