Monday, November 27, 2006

Has Sahidica disappeared?

Sahidica—the free online Sahidic New Testament used to be here. Has it disappeared? Does anyone know of its whereabouts?


  1. The book version of the text seems to be available at Lulu here:

    The preface of the book assumes that the site should still be up, so its disappearance might be due to problems with the hosting provider and, thus, hopefully, temporary.

  2. The Sahidica is the basis for the new Logos product, so it might be a step toward a commercial product. I have heard that the text was being proof-checked, so it might come up in a revised version through the old site, or it might become available only through the Lulu and Logos sources after this is done. I am guessing it will probably be back up for free in a couple of days.

  3. ...still not back up. Try downloading the e-sword sahidica which can be loacted on the ETC Coptic Digital Resources page