Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gender balance in TC

I conducted a head count at one textual criticism session at SBL: 61 men; 4 women. Would anyone care to interpret these data?


  1. Two quick thoughts: (i) this proportion seems about the same as the contributors to this blog; (ii) is a 13 to 1 proportion very different from the biblical studies guild more generally?

  2. That's easy: all the finest were at IOSCS. In fact, three of the best papers (by far) were by Anneli Aejmelaeus and two of her students, Elina Perttilä (Coptic 1 Sam) and Marketta Liljeström (Syrohexapla 1 Sam)--her third student, a young man called Tuuka Kauhanen also presented an impressive study on finding the Proto-Lucianic in 1 Sam.