Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Round 2

Peter Head enjoyed the last one, so here is round 2. These individuals were all active in the 20th century. I apologise to the Political Correctness Review Committee of the ETC that there are no women. I am saving up the pictures that I have until I find 10 well enough known to put them in one batch.












  1. I'm assuming that the picture with "Kurt Aland" is of Kurt Aland

  2. 2 is Kurt Aland. No question.
    5 is Bruce Metzger. I think.

  3. Stephen, you're quite right. I was not trying to put people off the scent (unlike last time with Westcott).

  4. Daniel, you think correctly.

  5. 8 is of course Immanuel Tov.
    4 reminds me of Moises Silva, but I think it is not (but still looks familiar)

  6. #8 is indeed Tov and I can see what you mean about #4, though he's from another country.

  7. #10 is Fee. I heard him preach a few weeks ago.

  8. Clues start:

    #1 leads the field in his country.

    #3 worked closely with #7 (NB ms is outdoors!).

    #6's pose explains the scholarship.

    #9 mammal.

  9. #1 looks German, maybe either Eberhard or Erwin Nestle?
    #6 looks alot like Tov, but isn't. He's studying fascimile editions of codices, one of which has 4 columns per page. And they are opened to the latter pages, clearly in the NT portion. He also looks similar to Hurtado, but I don't think it's he either. Unfortunately the face is smallish in the picture.
    #7 is next to an eastern orthodox cleric I think, I'm guessing in Athens.

  10. Scratch Eberhard Nestle, the picture is way too recent.

  11. #1 isn't German, but his country does begin with 'g'.

    #6 may resemble Tov, but he does the other testament.

    #7 is indeed next to a Greek Orthodox cleric, but not in Greece. The manuscript is also very famous. He worked on it with #3.

  12. Summarising:

    1: leads field in country beginning with 'g'
    2: K. Aland
    3: worked closely with 7
    4: Thiede
    5: Metzger
    6: pose explains the scholarship (does NT)
    7: worked with 7 on famous mss
    8: Tov
    9: Mink
    10: Fee

  13. 1. Greece: Johannes Karavidopolous

  14. 6: pose explains the scholarship (does NT)
    Great clue!
    Smug? self-satisfied?

    Tripod in the background - does photos?

    Books on the table: Sinaiticus (Tischendorf's pseudo-facsimile reprint?); Vaticanus (new facsimile); two others not recognisable.

    Dress: relatively informal.

    Nationality: American (doesn't look like any contemporary Brit; doesn't dress like a German?)

  15. 3 & 7: worked together on famous manuscript:

    Milne and Skeat on Sinaiticus? (definitely not Sinaiticus on that table; photos look early 20th cent)
    Grenfell & Hunt? (great pair, but not known to work on one famous ms; probably right generation)
    Other pairs?
    Kenyon and Sanders (not really a pair: co-operated on P46 but didn't really work together).

    Probably some obscure Syriac manuscript that PJW thinks is 'famous'.

  16. # 3 is a photo of Pete Head at Bible College when he was trying to look like John Calvin.

  17. Anonymous: please identify yourself! I thought I had accounted for all those photos.

  18. #7: location: PJW: "Greek Orthodox cleric, but not in Greece". Old stone wall?

    Not Greece. Technically could be Mount Athos, but even PJW may not be that pedantic. So Sinai? St Catherine's? Wall looks plausible. Cleric looks a match. Outside in good light just outside the library?

  19. Well done, Peter, for following the clues to Sinai, where you can see a picture of Burkitt inspecting the Sinaitic palimpsest of the Old Syriac Gospels (is this really obscure?).

    Bensley is a good guess for #3, but it was another of Burkitt's mates.

    #1 is indeed Karavidopoulos.

  20. So 3 must be James Rendell Harris?

  21. Tommy's picture of the bust of Harris in Tommy's post about his visit to Birmingham confirms #3 as Harris. Re #1: my memory must be slipping faster than even some of you think--I met Karavidopolous at Tyndale House in '98 (as I recall), but didn't recognize him in this picture ...

  22. Good teamwork. So you have got everyone except for the Frenchman.

  23. Frenchman!

    Christian-Bernard Amphoux in a TV show

  24. Pete, can you explain your clue now: 'pose explains the scholarship'?

  25. Très bien. Amphoux indeed.

    My interpretation of the image is that he is in the process of receiving a very original idea.

    He does have original ideas, doesn't he?

  26. Do you think you may have interpreted the image in that way because of a pre-conceived idea about his scholarship?

  27. In conclusion:
    1: J. Karavidopolous
    2: K. Aland
    3: J. Rendell Harris
    4: C.P. Thiede
    5: B.M. Metzger
    6: C-B. Amphoux
    7: F.C. Burkitt
    8: E. Tov
    9: G. Mink
    10: G.D. Fee

    Now that we know them all we can play "odd man out".

  28. Amphoux! His hairline has changed a bit since I last saw him (one wonders what he would say in return about my appearance ...). He give Birdsall, Parker, and me a memorable ride from the Marseilles airport to Lunell, all of us stuffed into a very small Renault, with our luggage in our laps (or in David's case, balanced on his knees), at speeds exceeding 160 km/hr. In all, a breath-taking (in multiple senses of that word) experience.

  29. Dr. Fee is never seen without his trademark turtle neck. No doubt a pose from Regent's Catalog.

  30. Peter, it would be hard to deny that my interpretation was based on prior conceptions. How would you interpret the pose?

  31. Is there any point in interpreting a pose?

  32. The odd man out is Karavidopolous. All the others study Greek, but he speaks and lives it.

  33. No the odd man out is Fee, because he is the only who teaches in an evangelical college.

  34. No the odd man out is Thiede, because all the others are genuine text critical scholars.

  35. Metzger taught at Princeton. Wasn't that evangelical?

  36. "Is there any point in interpreting a pose?"

    All is vanity.

  37. I can just imagine how you were posing when you typed that.