Thursday, June 22, 2006

Codex Bezae getting online

Through Wieland Willker I notice this site which is beginning to put the Latin and Greek text of Codex Bezae online. So far Luke is complete.


  1. This site looks quite promising. I suppose it will serve to replace the one elsewhere ( that at one time hosted this manuscript's text with Scrivener's comments but no longer does.

    It appears to be well laid out and professionally done and should serve as a good example for TC students of the later textual peculiarities of this Western text-type representative. This will be glaringly obvious when the Gospel of John is available - esp. in the later chapters.

  2. Speaking of John for a moment a certain Mr. Scrivener (a revealing penname) has on Wieland's TC list site announced the availability of the photographed text of John's Gospel in codex Vaticanus. Vaticanus represents of course the Neutral text-type.

  3. It is an unusual penname when the textual critic of that surname was generally known as 'Dr Scrivener'. However, perhaps 'Mr' is used to avoid giving the impression that the individual has a doctorate.

    However, thanks for the URL, which I here give as a link.

  4. Pedantic Note Follows
    (because, of course, textual criticism is 90% nit-picking):

    anonymous the second wrote: "Vaticanus represents of course the Neutral text-type"

    I once heard a preacher say: "... the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews ... who was Paul ... of course".

    The expression "of course" in such statements could be either (a) redundant - notifying us of things we should already know, or (b) bluff - trying to pass off a tendentious viewpoint as an accepted truth without deigning to provide listeners with any reasons.

    "Of course", the contrived term Neutral has long ceased to be considered a useful description of the text-type of Vaticanus.

  5. After a little further research I have discovered that Mr. Scrivener's first name is Eeyore. In addition he has found another site this one exhibiting the first sixteen pages of St. Matthew's Gospel.

    I might also further note that this codex - like Vaticanus - represents the Neutral text type.

    As far as nomenclature goes I find the Westcott/Hort use of the term Neutral far superior to the Metzger/Aland blurring of the boundaries by their preference for Alexandrian. And yes Mr. Wilson you are of course suppose to know these things and if not to learn them.

  6. I see the site address was not fully displayed so I give it again below. This four column codex is Sinaiticus.

  7. Sylvie Chabert d'Hyères, author of with Codez Bezae, is not a scholar and his work needs to be checked and corrected.

    I would like to take his Greek transcription of Codex Bezae and turn it into a module that can be loaded into popular bible progams (or anything else). Sylive has agreed to release the transcription without copyright.

    If anyone can help check and correct his Greek transcription against the manuscript, it will help him tremendously and enable me to make Codex Bezae available free to all.

    E-mail him (dammarilys-at-yahoo-dot-fr) if you can help.

  8. slave:
    " with Codez Bezae, is not a scholar and his work needs to be checked and corrected."

    For example, look at this glaring typo at 3:23 where (in the Latin column) the latinized (on my screen) Greek is inserted just before the actual Latin name:
    filius Iwshf Ioseph