Monday, June 26, 2006

Italy vs Australia


Italy has many biblical manuscripts, while Australia has only a couple.
Italy has won the World Cup 3 times, Australia has never reached the last 16 before.
Italy has many ancient wonders, Australia has many wonderful beaches.

And soon (4pm) the battle will commence. It is almost as exciting as textual criticism.

Note Simon Barnes' comments:

  • The entire Australia World Cup campaign has been a showcase for all the things the English person loves best about Australia — that is to say, a total rejection of the conventional dominance hierarchy, a complete inability to bow the knee to anyone, no matter how exalted, the exaltation of bloody-mindedness to a point of ethical perfection and, when it comes to sport (or anything else), a relish for the process of combat. Young and free — how we envy that boast.


  1. ... and both Italy and Australia have a number of prominent scholars working with papyrology including Biblical manuscripts. I am excited to meet some of the Australian scholars at the International SBL Meeting in Edinburgh in next week in the "Working with Biblical Manuscript" sessions.

    Unfortunately, we cannot say the same of Sweden (few scholars and the soccer team had a very bad day against Germany last Saturday). Luckily, at least one Swede is through to the quarterfinal, Sven-Göran Ericsson.

  2. Peter,
    I think that there is a dittography. But its constituent parts are generating diverse appendices.

  3. [I'm hereby transferring Dirk's comment to the repetition of the message prior to deletion of the former message - PJW]

    D Jongkind said...
    I was already wondering how long PMH could resist the temptation to sound Australia's praises. For good order, Italy has quite a few beaches that can rival Australia's (without the surf, though, but also without the sharks).

    For those who have access to the German version of Der Neue Pauly (The New Pauly in English), check out the entry Apopudobalia.
    I don't think this entry was translated into the English version; I still wonder why.

    3:06 PM

  4. So, if we were to have a World Cup of textual criticism, which country would come out on top?

  5. If Australia and Italy make the final of the TC world cup, let's make sure that the referee actually understands TC!

  6. Ah yes, the referee. He was the major problem. The secondary problem was that the Aussies lacked advanced ball-control skills compared with the Italians.

  7. Watching Switzerland vs the Ukraine made collating minuscules seem exciting.

  8. Almost as boring as England's team of underachievers. I turned to German vocab for excitement.