Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Book on New Testament Manuscripts

A new book has just arrived: New Testament Manuscripts: Their Texts and Their World (eds T.J. Kraus & T. Nicklas; TENT 2; Leiden: Brill, 2006). Pretty pricey I’m afraid (try Brill or Eisenbrauns), but lots to interest ETC bloggers:

T.J. Kraus & T. Nicklas, ‘The World of New Testament Manuscripts: “Every Manuscript Tells a Story”’, 1-12

E.J. Epp, ‘The Jews and the Jewish Community in Oxyrhynchus: Socio-Religious Context for New Testament Papyri’, 13-52

M. Frenschkowski, ‘Studien zur Geschichte der Bibliothek von Caesarea’, 53-104

P.M. Head, ‘A Newly Discovered Manuscript of Luke’s Gospel (de Hamel MS 386; Gregory-Aland 0312)’, 105-120

D. Jongkind, ‘One Codex, Three Scribes, and Many Books: Struggles with Space in Codex Sinaiticus‘, 121-136

T. Wasserman, ‘P78 (P. Oxy. XXXIV 2684): The Epistle of Jude on an Amulet?’ 137-160

T. Nicklas & T. Wasserman, ‘Theologische Linien im Codex Bodmer Miscellani?’ 161-188

M.W. Holmes, ‘The Text of P46: Evidence of the Earliest “Commentary” on Romans?’ 189-206

L.W. Hurtado, ‘The Staurogram in Early Christian Manuscripts: The Earliest Visual Reference to the Crucified Jesus?’ 207-226

T.J. Kraus, ‘Manuscripts with the Lord’s Prayer- they are more than simply Witnesses to that Text itself’ 227-266

M. Choat, ‘Echo and Quotation of the New Testament in Papyrus Letters to the End of the Fourth Century’ 267-292

K. Haines-Eitzen, ‘The Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles on Papyrus: Revisiting the Question of Readership and Audience’ 293-304

S.E. Porter, ‘Textual Criticism in the Light of Diverse Textual Evidence for the Greek New Testament: An Expanded Proposal’, 305-338


  1. Very nice—with a good representation of bloggers. I think that the Frenschkowski article looks particularly interesting.

    Is Mike Holmes really suggesting that it might be useful to think of P46 as something other than a biblical ms?

  2. The permanent link to Eisenbrauns is:

    You have used a dynamic one that has expired.


  3. Thanks James,
    I've fixed the link now.

    If dynamic links expire, what do you call the links that live on?


  4. PJW asked: 'Is Mike Holmes really suggesting that it might be useful to think of P46 as something other than a biblical ms?'

    Not as 'something other', but as something else in addition to being a witness to the original text. And specifically (and interestingly since we've discussed these before) the readings which P46 shares with DFG, which (in Mike's words) suggest an active clarification or explanation of the text.

    If it is convincing to think of this combination of witnesses as giving access to a clarifying form of the text then it is reasonable to relate this to early commentaries. It will also be more difficult to argue that this combination of witnesses in other places reflects the original text (as e.g. in Gal 2.20 discussed on this blog before).

    But I haven't time to read it right now as I have a pile of exams to read and I have to give an account of myself today to the Council.

  5. Peter,

    Funny :)

    Actually, there are Static links on every page. Would that our site design were different...