Thursday, April 25, 2019

Upcoming Textual Criticism Events at Oxford

The University of Oxford has planned two events in May relevant to Old Testament textual criticism. On May 14-15, John Screnock and Jan Joosten will convene “Horizons in Textual Criticism Colloquium: Translating and Transcending Textual Criticism.” There’s a great line up of presenters for this one.

On the evening of May 14, Oxford also has planned a public forum, The Origins of Biblical Texts, the first of a six-part series entitled, The History of the Bible from Qumran to Today. All are welcome.
Naturally, I’m interested in both of these events and wish I could attend them. If you are in the Oxford area, you should attend and report on how they went here in the comments  :-).


  1. People who live in Oxford may be busy teaching these days.

    1. What about someone who lives in Cambridge?

    2. Anybody who lives half in Oxford and half in Cambridge is bound to be generally disoriented.

  2. Will this event be recorded?