Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Material Gospel Conference at Notre Dame

Jeremiah Coogan and David Lincicum are continuing their good work at Notre Dame on first millennium books with a conference schedule for May 31, 2019.
This conference brings together leading scholars of Gospel literature and material texts to discuss the history and significance of the material Gospel in the first five centuries CE.

Session I

David Lincicum (Notre Dame): Welcome
Clare Rothschild (Lewis University): “Galen’s De indolentia and the Early Christian Codex”
Jeremiah Coogan (Notre Dame): “Navigating the Gospel: Nonlinear Access and Practical Use”
Respondent: Nathan Eubank (Notre Dame)

Session II

Chris Keith (St Mary’s University Twickenham): “The Gospel Read, Sliced, and Burned: The Material Gospel and the Construction of Christian Identity”
Angela Zautcke (Notre Dame): “Erasing the Gospels: Insights from the Sinai Syriac Gospel Palimpsest”
Respondent: Paul Wheatley (Notre Dame)

Session III

Sofía Torallas Tovar (University of Chicago): “Resisting the Codex: Christian Rolls in Late Antiquity”
Matthew Larsen (Princeton): “Codex Bobiensis: A Real-and-Imagined Biography of One Gospel Manuscript”
Respondent: Robin Jensen (Notre Dame)
Website is here. Wish I could go.


  1. Nice to see two former interns speaking--Paul Wheatley and Matt Larsen.

    1. One of the things Matt Larsen spoke was "For me, I'm not even interested in the original text." That was in response to Clark Bates saying that in TC circles that's all they seem to care about.

    2. Hi Daniel, did he happen to say what he is interested in? -M.M.R.

  2. I'll be there. But what is this "Respondent" thing? Is that kind of like when the Democrats send someone on to rebut the American President's State of the Union Address?

    1. Conference sessions often include a respondent, who adds to the discussion, not necessarily in an adversarial way. "Conference Rules: How to be a Good Respondent" by Linda Kerber in Chronicle of Education in effect responds to your question.