Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Annual ETC Lunch at ETS

Next week is the annual ETS and SBL conferences in San Antonio. If you have never been to the annual ETC blog dinner at SBL, this is your year to come. I think you’ll find that folks are welcoming and friendly. It’s a great time.

But I also know that some people, including some blog contributors, only attend ETS and so don’t get to participate in the dinner. So this year I thought we should try something new: the first annual ETC lunch at ETS. Sadly, there won’t be any speeches, but we can still enjoy some good food and good conversation.

The plan is to meet up in the Grand Hyatt lobby after the ETC business meeting on Thursday, November 17th around 11:15 am. At 11:30, we’ll head down Commerce St. to find some place to eat—probably Whataburger because it has been too long since I had their delicious, cheap beef.

I know that Maurice Robinson and I will be there and possibly a few other blog contributors if they can make it. If you want to come, do me a favor by leaving a comment saying you’re interested or shoot me an email. That will give me some idea of how many to expect See you then!


Be sure to ask the folks at the Zondervan booth about my new book Four Views on Four Views Books. I contributed all four views so it should give a great overview of all the major positions among Evangelicals on the topic.

Update 2

I should have noted that Dan Wallace’s presidential address is Wednesday night at 8:00 pm and should be of particular interest to readers: “Medieval Manuscripts and Modern Evangelicals: Lessons from the Past, Guidance for the Future.”


  1. Soon we will tolerate such diversity among evangelical opinion that we'll be publishing: make up your own view books full of blank pages.

  2. Looking forward to being there.

  3. Four views on Whataburger: Essays by lunch participants. ?

  4. Ok, I feel a little bit like peter head is olympic speedwalking again, because part of me - nay, most of me - thinks that is probably a real book. I mean, it certainly could be a real book, these days anyway. That's a real book, no? yes? No, wait, that's just a joke, right? this world, it's too much.

    1. Ryan: "a real book, no? yes? No, wait, that’s just a joke, right?"

      No need to worry -- it's only a conjecture.

  5. I've heard from a few others by email who will be joining us too.

  6. It may not be already to late to rush your Four Views book into print by an early April deadline.

  7. Only hours till this historic event ... Anticipation is palpable... Who will show up to be the founding members? I hope to be there.