Saturday, November 19, 2016

ETS 2016 Recap

Thanks to all who came out to our first annual ETC at ETS lunch. It was a great success. Alas, there were no speeches, but the food was excellent. Truly a highlight for me so far.

Even better though was the session on Wednesday that featured no less than three ETC bloggers in back-to-back presentations. I was up first trying to explain the CBGM then Dirk got up to tell us why the Tyndale Greek NT is better still and, finally, Maurice told us why we were both wrong! It was great fun and a real honor for me to present alongside two men who have been a real inspiration and encouragement to me.

See you next year! (or at SBL)


  1. That looks like a pretty up-market establishment there!

  2. Only the best for our ETC readers.

  3. I could have enhanced the Whataburger discussion by offering a Four Views alternative, but the food quality was so good that it precluded an extended academic exposition.

  4. Thanks Peter for making this happen! Looking forward to more such get togethers!