Tuesday, November 22, 2016

‘Business Insider’ on the Bible’s Transmission

A friend sends this short video from Business Insider and asks, “Is it rubbish?” Since I’m traveling, I thought I would let our astute readers answer for me. Note that it features ETC blog contributor, Bill Warren.


  1. Pete,
    A typical take on portraying variants as some seditious act. Also typical was the first paragraph hinting that the earliest books were written hundreds of years after the events and oh no, they were copied by hand. I would imagine that Dr. Warren did use the words that were attributed to him, but it appears they were lifted from another story and placed in the video.
    Yes, rubbish indeed!


  2. I did not even remember that interview from some time ago until I saw this post with an article using it. While I'll stand by my two statements given in the article as accurate in their original context of the interview, I'm saddened by the focus in which they were used. Bill Warren

  3. Peter,
    I covered this a year ago.