Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What To Do with SBL Bags?

Have you ever wondered what other people do with their used SBL bags?

Then you should visit this facebook group What to do with SBL bags. As you can see there, I use one of mine to carry skates in winter time (and I am not the only one).

Note that I am not talking about saddleback leather bags (SBL), but the tote bags for participants of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) meetings.

I look forward to getting a new bag at the SBL meeting in London in July. By the way, in case you are an advertiser, don't forget the tote bag insertion ($350 for each insert), which for this meeting is apparently due on Thursday.


  1. advancing evangelical scholarship

  2. I've often wondered what to do with those bags. The older ones - those that were plain cream coloured cotton and were just a basic sack with two handles - proved to be too small to work for anything I tried. But I was too much of a sentimentalist (read: hoarder!) to throw them out, so the result is that I have sitting in a corner somewhere a gian SBL bag stuffed full of old SBL bags!

    The exception being one of the last SBLs I went too, they gave away a very different bag. It was blue, was bigger, had outside pockets, and could zip shut. That one has proven to be useful... as a book bag! If I'm going to the library I'll fold that one up and it will fit nicely in in my leather school bag, and then I'll take it out at the library in order to carry all the books home.

    What are these leather bags you are talking about?

  3. Ryan, search Google for "Saddleback leather bags SBL" and you will see. I thought it was a funny incident that the abbreviation SBL is apparently used for a certain bag. But as you and I know, SBL bags and SBL bags are two different things.