Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SBL GNT Acts 13:43

I'm compiling a list of errata to the SBL Greek New Testament. One of the oddest things I've found is the raised point after ἔπειθον in Acts 13:43. I cannot but assume this is a typo, though perhaps someone (Mike?) can persuade me otherwise. I'd be grateful to hear about other mistakes which people have found and I'll add them to my complete list (I've only read mid-way through Acts so far and so won't publish them all now.)

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  1. Hi P.J.

    Thanks for reading through the text and keeping a list of things that are suspect. We're grateful for any feedback and reporting we can get.

    Known issues should already be corrected in the downloadable versions of the files (including PDFs). A list of these corrections is available at:

    It would be excellent if you'd like to report other issues you come across. You may report them directly to either Mike (whom I'm assuming you have contact info for) or me (my first name at logos dot com).


    Rick Brannan
    Logos Bible Software