Monday, May 09, 2011

Mt Athos: A Visit to the Holy Mountain

Check out the CBS news show "60 Minutes" featuring the monasteries at Mt. Athos. The Athos monasteries toghether hold about 8.000 Greek MSS, including the largest collection of extant Greek New Testament MSS.

The permission for a film team to visit Athos is very rare, the last time anyone was invited to film was in 1981. Apparently, the producers were very persistent this time. Finally they were invited by Elisaios, the Abbot of Simonopetras, who said "We weren't going to invite you but your persistence convinced us to open the door."

Mt. Athos, part 1

Mt. Athos, part 2

Brief interview with one of a few Americans on the mountain, discussing the invaluable treasures held at the monasteries.

Read the whole story with links at CBS here.

HT: The Biblical Literacy Project (Amy Anderson)


  1. I think that in the film the Father is Maximos. And I believe he is Nicholas Constas, past HTR editor.

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  3. Thanks for posting - it was an interesting watch!