Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evangelical Textual Criticism on Facebook

Evangelical Textual Criticism is now on Facebook.

The Facebook page will mirror this blog, i.e., the blogpost (not comments).

I take the opportunity to also mention that Tyndale House is on Facebook, as is Örebro Missionsskola and Örebro Teologiska Högskola.


  1. Great!
    One question: Where did you get the Share-This-Button at the end of each blog-post from?

  2. I assume you mean on this blog. In the Blogger administration area you go to "Design" and "Page Elements" and then you choose to Edit the box with "Blog Posts." There you can click on the option "show share buttons" and those are the buttons. They are preconfigured by Blogger. I assume I could switch to other buttons in the html code, but that takes me so long time - I am actually pretty lousy at this technical stuff, but probably better than the other administrator :-)

  3. Ah... can't believe it: I always changed the other page elements but never saw this big "blog posts" in the middle...

  4. Hello Tommy. I hope things are going well for you across the pond.

    Neat idea to be on Facebook. I was wondering, will you be making use of other Facebook features, or will it just be a mirror of this blog? If so what will they be? I suppose mass communications might be easier on Facebook with its email features.

    Thanks for all you and the others do with keeping this blog going. I may not post comments often, but I read it daily.

  5. There is a helpful blog app on Facebook that helps link all the blogs into one easy-to-follow location, for those who are interested:

  6. The nice (or rather not so nice) thing is, that 'science' (below the page name) on the German FB page translates to 'Naturwissenschaften'. Oh yes, we all knew it: the Humanities are not 'Science'. (Or the other way round?)

    Alexander Weiss