Thursday, April 07, 2011

“The Son of God Was in the Beginning (Mark 1:1)”

Just published in Journal of Theological Studies:

Tommy Wasserman
“The ‘Son of God’ was in the Beginning (Mark 1:1)”
J Theol Studies 2011 62: 20-50; doi:10.1093/jts/flr013.
The text-critical problem in the very beginning of the Gospel of Mark is both crucial and much debated. The main question is whether the phrase ‘Son of God’ was accidentally omitted from an original or added by some scribes in order to expand the divine name or the title of the book. The disputed words are enclosed in square brackets in UBS4 and NA27 but omitted in the recent SBLGNT edition. Whereas most modern translations and commentators include the words, several scholars have recently argued for the shorter version of Mark 1:1. This article, however, defends the longer version that includes the words ‘Son of God’, taking into account external as well as internal evidence, in particular the plausibility of an accidental omission in the light of scribal habits.
In the same issue of Journal of Theological Studies are several reviews of interest:

J. K. Elliott
The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition. Edited by MICHAEL W. HOLMES.
J Theol Studies 2011 62: 288-294; doi:10.1093/jts/flr014.

J. K. Elliott
Codex Sinaiticus: The Story of the World’s Oldest Bible. By D. C. PARKER.
J Theol Studies 2011 62: 294-301; doi:10.1093/jts/flr015.

H. A. G. Houghton
The Curzon Gospel. Volume I: An Annotated Edition. Volume II: A Linguistic and Textual Introduction. By C. M. VAKARELIYSKA.
J Theol Studies 2011 62: 302-304; doi:10.1093/jts/flr039.


  1. Reading about this amulet, would it not be good to have an official list for non-continuous text mss, such as the GA list?
    Or is there already such a thing?

    Thanks Tommy, I am still reading ...

  2. Yes, indeed Wieland. And I think such will eventually come, I don't know when, but that is the signal from the INTF (Ulrich Schmid).

  3. Very nice, Tommy! I will be reading this over the weekend.