Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excerpt from ECM Apparatus of Acts

Klaus Wachtel of the INTF notifies me that an excerpt of the ECM apparatus of Acts has been made available on the INTF website here

This preliminary apparatus is a companion to the recently published Novum Testamentum article by Georg Gäbel, "The Text of P.Oxy. 4968 and Its Relationship with the Text of Codex Bezae" (see further discussion and links here), showing the evidence from full collations of all manuscripts included in the ECM of Acts for the portion of text contained in Papyrus 127, i.e., Acts 10:32–12:9; 15:29–17:10.

There is more explanation to the apparatus here.


  1. It doesn't come through here in the US, regardless of browser used:

    Acts10:32/2 πεμψον

    a πεμψον

    b πεμψας

  2. Choose Unicode (UTF-8) from Character Encoding

  3. Interesting results. I bet NA27 needs some revisions.

  4. File does not open with IE8.
    It appears to be a general problem that the INTF pages are not available using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    I don't know what the reason might be.

  5. It works in Firefox, but only after setting it to UTF-8 and then restarting the browser.
    It might be better to publish these things in PDF.

  6. I remember we had a discussion about the various webbrowsers some years ago; perhaps in connection with the VMR, when there were problems with compability. I suggested then and now to install a webbrowser that works.

  7. A webpage should open in any browser correctly. Especially such a simple one.

    PS: Now it works also in IE8.

  8. WW: "PS: Now it works also in IE8."

    I am happy that Microsoft so acted so fast.


  9. Dear Wieland,
    If I understand correctly, the problem involves Microsoft IE and not INTF. Microsoft uses its own standards and not industry-neutral standards. You have to optimize your website for Microsoft IE or for the all the other browsers.

    I ran into a problem with a Microsoft product today, and could not resolve it because I needed to send a document in via email. Unfortunately, for this task, Microsoft only accepts email from Hotmail, MSN or Live accounts (its own subsidiaries). I did not submit to the yoke of slavery! I would rather choose another product.