Thursday, April 21, 2011

The King's Version: A Contemporary Translation of the New Testament

Apparently, N.T. Wright has prepared a new translation of the NT, "The King’s Version: A Contemporary Translation of the New Testament" to be released in September by HarperCollins (HT: Euagelion).

Clayboy assumes that Wright has simply extracted the working translation of the New Testament he developed in his “for everyone” commentary series. I do not know whether and to what extent Wright's translation work involves any text-critical decisions.


  1. The odd thing was, I'm sure I read something somewhere which made me think this was essentially the NT for everyone extracted.

    Matt Page's comment on my post suggests this is basically right.

    I would imagine (it being a popular series) text critical judgments will only rarely be referred to, even where Wright has made his own.

  2. It strikes me as an odd title. Does anyone know the reasoning behind it?

  3. Ryan, "The King's Version" probably comes simply from Wright's belief that the Gospel is the announcement of Jesus as King.

  4. ah. I can see how that could be his intent.

    Still sounds a little odd to me though.

    First, I wonder how many laypeople will confuse it with the king's version with the king james version.

    second, in the history of translations, if we call something "so-and-so's version", e.g. weymouth's version, we're usually referring to the translator. In this case then, it makes it sound a little like wright has given himself a promotion!

  5. Jonathan Hurshman5/18/2011 3:31 pm

    According to both the publisher's website and Amazon, the title is now "The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation".

  6. it was nice, understanding without having to translate first