Friday, March 18, 2011

Leimonos Monastery GNT MSS Online

Leimonos Monastery in Lesbos has launched a Digitial Library where you can access their collection of manuscripts including Greek New Testament MSS:

The Digital Library of Leimonos Monastery aims at highlighting the written cultural legacy that can be found at the display bookshelves and the cases of Leimonos Library during the five centuries of its operation, from 1526 A.D until today. The library was established within the framework of the program “Elevation and promotion of the cultural wealth of Leimonos Monastery, Lesvos with the use of new technologies”.

The Digital Library is divided, as in its initial prototype, into three parts, the collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine manuscripts, the Library of prototype books and the Archive of Greek and Ottoman documents.

This website presents part of Leimonos written wealth, while summary descriptions are also included. Specifically, more than 108 manuscripts are presented and some of the monastery’s old documents and books as well. Our future goal is the constant renewal of the Digital Library not only by enriching descriptions, but also by publishing the monastery’s written wealth with the ultimate aim of highlighting its whole part.

For any further information concerning the material and its scientific utilization, you can contact the Assistant Professor Apostolos Spanos, who is responsible for the Digital Library.

The following twenty-two MSS (subdivisions liturgical and patristic) are available for download (!):

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 35 = GA 1156 (ff. 121-156)

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 67 = GA 1157

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 97 = GA 1158

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 99 = GA 1159

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 141 = GA 1712

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 145 = GA 1713

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 227 = GA 1714

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 132 = GA 1757

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 195 = GA 1758

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 55 = GA 1841

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 294 = GA 2217

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 507 = GA 2220
In the printed K. Liste the library shelfmark was indicated as no. 355, but, in the library catalogue and the digital Liste it is 507.

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 360 = GA 2682
(Apparently, this is considered a "lectionary" by the cataloguers, whereas it meets the common definition of a continuous text MS by the standards of NTTC, as reflected in the K. Liste – see further Ulrich Schmid's comment below)

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 1 = GA L798

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 37 = GA L799

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 38 = GA L800

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 40 = GA L801

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 41 = GA L802

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 66 = GA L803

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 137 = GA L1211

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 344 = GA L2055

Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 368 = GA L2056

There are still six registered MSS missing from this archive (GA 1715, GA 2218, GA 2681, GA L1210, GA L1212, GA L1213).

The Digital Library offers descriptions to each of the MSS, which I have not linked to here.

HT: Ulrich Schmid (VMR news 2011-03-16).


  1. Thanks Tommy. Malcolm

  2. 1. The online Liste has the correct shelf number for GA 2220.

    2. GA 2682 (Leimonos 360) is a continuous text manuscript by the standards we usually apply in TC and not a lectionary: it has no reordering of the text according to liturgical purposes, no lection headers interrupting the text, no omissions at or rephrasings of lection openings.

    The features that I mention in my short note on the NT.VMR only indicate that this continuous text manuscript was prepared to be used in conjunction with the liturgical tradition, because the Gospel texts have been cross-referenced. It may have been used in the service (though it doesn't contain ekphonetic signs). This perception may have prompted the modern (Greek) cataloguers of the Leimonos Digital Library to call GA 2682 a "Gospel Lectionary", which it is not - technically.

    In sum: I am prepared to defend the technical definition of what is a continuous text manuscript as opposed to what is a lectionary, and, according to that definition, GA 2682 is a continuous text manuscript. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that there are other perceptions, which may give us reason to reflect on the categories we use.

    3. Yes, there are only 22 manuscripts registered in the GA Liste in the Digital Library of Leimonos. Monastery.

  3. Thanks Ulrich for the clarification, I have updated the main post accordlingly.

  4. The confusion appears to go both ways. This is what they say about L798 (no mention of 'lectionary'):

    Ms. Lesbiacus Leimonos 1
    Gospel Book
    Date of origin: 10th c.
    Material: parchment.
    Measure of folios: 305x245 mm.
    Justification: 240x185 mm.
    Number of folios: 79.
    Number of columns: two.
    Lines of text per page: 20.

    The manuscript, which is mutilated in both the beginning and the ending and does not preserve a colophon, was copied by a single scribe in uncial script.

  5. Regarding Leimenos 132, GA 1757, I downloaded it for Revelation, since the Liste says for contents, "apr." I have not been able to find Revelation in it yet, and Hoskier says that it had been reported to him in 1912 that the Revelation pages had been "torn out." So far I have found: p. 5, Acts 2:14b; p. 16, Acts ch. 5; p. 302, 2 Thessalonians 1:3; p. 333-Philemon 1:17

  6. I have examined the profiling of these manuscripts and have concluded the lectionaries are the majority f1424 Phi(b) grouping. Several of the Byzantines are Kr/f35 members with some Kx and mixed Byzantines.

    The download option and the technology used by the monastery is a model for others to follow. The West is lagging behind this monastery and the NLG-Athens for instance in this type of service to NTTC.

    In Christ,

    Paul Anderson

  7. Martin Fassnacht3/21/2011 10:54 am

    Tommy, you can link directly to the article Ulrich has written:

  8. Thanks Martin, I actually did not know how to do it, but now I have changed it.

  9. These PDF's look fantastic. (Thank you, people at Leimonos Monastery.)

    So . . . who's going to make the index for all this?

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  10. Markus Lembke3/23/2011 6:09 am

    Regarding GA 1757: Thank you, David Robert Palmer, for this hint! Can you say, where Hoskier said that the pages had been torn out? At the moment I am examining each page of this manuscript to check whether there is any passage with text of Revelation (this is necessary because some pages are not in the right order, but misbound); otherwise the Liste is wrong with apr. In a few days I will have a complete index for 1757.

  11. Sorry, Markus, I did not see your post until now. Hoskier says that on p. 608 of volume 1. However, I see that there may be two different mss. called "Apoc. 185," Greg. 1277 and 1757. This happens several times with Revelation. Hoskier on p. 608 equates Apoc. 185 with Leimonos MS 132. Here are the exact words: "Apoc. 185 (Ev. 1277. Ac. 418. P. 484) =Cambridge Univ. add. 3046. [Greg. 185, new 1277. Sod. a 194]. [XI. XII.]. Vacat. The Librarian at Cambridge assures me this MS. does NOT contain the Apoc. [On p. 303 of Scr.-Miller, under Acts 303 (Lesbos TOU LEIMONOS 132) he numbers the Apoc. 185, although it does not appear on p. 326 at the end of the list, which ends there at No. 184. But it does not matter, as it is reported to me in 1912 that the Apoc. has disappeared from the Lesbos MS. 132, having been torn out of the volume]. Leave 185 blank."

    So, Markus, have you found any Revelation in this MS? Thanks. By the way, I have made Vol. 2 of Hoskier, the apparatus/collation volume, available printed at Lulu, hardbound and paperback.

  12. Markus Lembke1/05/2012 2:35 pm

    Now I am sorry, I didn't see your post until now, too! Thank you for your report on Hoskier's statements. In the meantime, I checked every page of 1757 carefully: It definitively does not contain any portion of the book of Revelation. It contains Acts 2:14-5:5, 5:12-10:4, 10:29-28:31 (fol. 1r-44v), James-Jude completely (fol. 44v-69v), and Romans-Hebrews completely (fol. 70r-180r), but sometimes misbound. I began to type in my index of this MS into the VMR (Muenster). The VMR has old images of 1757 with a quality much worse than the new digital ones - but fol. 137v (Phil 3:8-20) is missing in the new digital images (available in the VMR)!
    It surely was a good idea of you to make Hoskier II available in Lulu. If someone needs it, I will tell him. I made paper copies of the whole volume some years ago.

  13. Thank-you Markus. Yes, the Liste needs to be corrected on this point.
    Regarding Revelation, you may be interested in my pdf in the Swanson style of Revelation chapters 1 and 13, collation of 78 Greek MSS and 11 editions. I found a mistake by Hoskier in Rev. 13:13 for MS 2080, as I borrowed the images of 2080 from CSNTM. This pdf is copyable. I hope someone will do other chapters with these same mss.