Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Finally Sinaiticus Arrives in Sweden

Finally, two monhts after Christmas, Codex Sinaiticus arrives to Örebro School of Theology.

Thanks to Maria Brolin for capturing the moment.

I preordered this beautiful facsmile copy at the SBL meeting in Atlanta, and it eventually costed £250 including shipping (and I can tell you it's heavy!), Parker's new book about the codex and a fine print of one of the folios – a very good bargain I think. However, it doesn't beat my Vaticanus facsimile (1968 color edition) bargain, which I got in trade for a Swedish study bible in five volumes, which in turn I had bought at a second hand bookstore for 300SEK (=$46).

More about the Sinaiticus facsimile here and here.


  1. I get mine in a few hours! I ordered through Linguist's Software last week, which is selling the facsimile for $475 (w/ free shipping). As far as I can tell, that is the cheapest price out there. How do you think the spine will hold up, Tommy? It looks like there is already a crease in one of your photos.

    Also, what is your 1968 color edition of B like in comparison with the very expensive 1999 Italian facsimile (http://www.linguistsoftware.com/codexvat.htm)?

  2. "$475". Well, I think I paid the equivalent of $406 including a book and fine print.

    Yes, I agree that the bookbinding unfortunately does not match what is on the inside. There is indeed a crease already. I will have to live with that.

    My facsimile from 1968 is only of the NT portion, and the images are probably sometimes better because they were produced thirty years earlier and I remember that Wieland Willker and I compared at some point, but that was just a very selective assessment. Anyway, I could not afford the 1999 edition.

  3. "$406." If I remember correctly, the pre-order price at SBL was $499 (which I couldn't afford at the time). How did you get such a deal!?

    And yes, the Codex B facsimile is extremely expensive--but gorgeous!

  4. Now we can anticipate a world-class documentary countering the recent BBC series about Sinaiticus? Won't it be wonderful if you, Peter Head, Pete Williams, Dirk Jongkind etc can do that?

  5. BJ: "If I remember correctly, the pre-order price at SBL was $499"

    Exactly, but I made a deal with Hendrickson to have the equivalent discount from Alban Books (the Hendricksons representative in Europe). Anyway, Alban, of course, charges in Sterling, and their listprice is £499, so I got the 50% pre-order discount and it ended up as £250.

    This is probably the first time in my life that I got an American book cheaper than Americans.

  6. Frederik Mulder: "Now we can anticipate a world-class documentary countering the recent BBC series about Sinaiticus?"

    You can at least anticipate an article about Mark 1:1 in Sinaiticus (which I hear was brought up in the program) and other witnesses, to be published soon in a "world-class" journal.

  7. I understand that already the monks at St. Catherines are demanding that Tommy send them his copy....

  8. I fear your price may be better than our special price. But I haven't seen mine yet.

  9. My wife was surprised at how big and heavy it was. That's including the fact that it was reduced 5% from the original;).

    It was to large to occupy the space I had reserved for it on our 'tall' shelf.

    I would love to acquire an 1968 color edition of B. The 1999 full facsimile is still out of reach;(, though I go to Phil's website once in a while a drool..


  10. MR, I think they'd prefer the real McCoy.

  11. Hello Tommy, I want to take your picture from my blog?

  12. The legend has been placed in the image. Thanks!