Thursday, March 17, 2011

Örebro School of Theology Launches New Website


Örebro School of Theology has launched a new webpage:

What has this to do with textual criticism, you ask?

Two things:

I work there :-)

In addition, there is a manuscript in one of the headers (reload the page until you see it). Quiz: which manuscript?


  1. "which manuscript?"

    The one stolen by a Western Evangelical from the Eastern Orthodox?

  2. Don't forget that it was presented to the "natural protector" of the Orthodox faith. ;-)

  3. Not every bit of news needs to be justified by a tenuous connection with textual criticism. Or does it?

  4. I'm still wondering what the TC connection is to Phd Plagiarism.

    Are any of our number being implicated?

  5. White Man, I guess Peter (who posted on plagiarism) just gave you the answer in his previous comment.

  6. That some scribes plagiarized their manuscripts perhaps?

    But if they plagiarized, that would only mean "fidelity" to that source, wouldn't it? :)

    Edgar Ebojo

  7. I'm pretty sure we don't want a written policy on subjects to post about. We wouldn't want to exclude Tommy's occasional attempt at humour (usually at my expense) - although attempts at humour are not always perceived to be successful (just ask Christian).
    I would think that professional news related to members of the ETC team would be especially welcome on this blog.

  8. Yes, I agree too. An, in relation to my attempts at humour, Peter's initial post below gives some background:

    Peter promised in the comments section, "Just to keep things fair I shall look out for ways to post something funny about Tommy."

    And I replied, "I heartily welcome Pete's idea to making up by posting something fun about me! And I will think of something about him..."

    Thus far I have probably been more creative. Write "racewalking" in the new search box and you will know what I mean ;-)