Friday, April 16, 2010

Zooniverse and Oxyrhynchus

If you are keen on Greek manuscripts, and in between a PhD and job, you may want to explore the postdoctoral opportunity at Oxford advertised here. Here is an excerpt:

"The collections of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri project are an incredibly rich resource. Previous work to transcribe them en masse relied on image processing techniques which were unable to reliably recover the Greek text. The problem faced in classifying and transcribing large numbers of the papyri, however, is one of pattern recognition, a task to which the human brain is well suited. By using a flexible web-based interface, the job of transcribing can be shared not only with a small number of scholars, but also with a force of volunteers at least 250,000 strong, spread around the globe. The successful candidate would be part of the first large scale application of techniques developed for distributed citizen science to textual analysis and as such will serve as an exemplar of the potential for this technique in the humanities."

The concept is successfully underway with galaxy classification within the Galaxy Zoo project. Read the Time magazine article, here.


  1. Thanks Christian,

    An interesting development, it will be interesting to follow along (possibly as one of the 250,000).

  2. I'm not sure the photo is the right one (there is a scholarly necessity to getting your Oxford locations correct in relation to the Oxy papyri!). (Perhaps not everyone will get this allusion)

  3. Otherwise, the arch over the door reminds me of another "doorway" to Biblical Studies.

  4. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. I was testing you. You have passed the test. Congratulations.