Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Digitization of the Cairo Genizah Fragments

The Taylor-Schechter Collection at the University of Cambridge has announced significant progress in the digitization of its approximately 140,000 Hebrew manuscripts:

"65,000 images are already safely stored away on the Library's DSpace digital repository... more than 500 superbly high-quality digital images are shot every day. More than 310,000 images will be produced by project's end, and the experienced team .. are well on schedule to achieve this within three years." (Genizah Fragments 59, April 2010)

The Friedberg family of Toronto has donated more than £1,000,000 in support of the project. Post-doctoral students and those planning a sabbatical may want contact the unit, as there is plenty to be done. Register to access the Friedberg database here.

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  1. The terms of use for accessing the project data is incredible restrictive. Compare your rights to the data in terms A-D to what you give up of yours in term E. These terms are parasitic. Scholars are not the only users who desire to use source texts that reside in the public domain, and yet these terms monopolize their use.