Friday, April 09, 2010

Accordance Users Conference and Textual Studies Sale

Accordance will host a users conference with "nationwide invitation" (although I assume it is a worldwide invitation since I received it). This is the first "Users Conference" and it will be held in the Dallas, TX area in September 24-25, 2010. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Martin Abegg, leading Dead Sea Scrolls scholar.

See the full announcement here.

Further, during April to May 9, Accordance offers a 20% discount off their usual price on textual studies modules:

Critical editions and tools
* CNTTS Apparatus (whole NT), $80
* Tischendorf's 8th edition, $40
* The Mac Bibel Studienbibel including the GNT NA 27 apparatus and the BHS apparatus, $119
* LXX Swete Apparatus with text (when complete will cover the whole LXX), $88
LXX Cambridge Apparatus, more in depth but never completed, $48
"LXX Apparatus add-on" including both Swete and Cambridge, $120

Göttingen Text and Apparatus: Torah and Ruth to be released soon (not on sale).

Textual commentaries and notes:

* Comfort's Textual Commentary, $36
* Metzger's Textual Commentary, $28
* NET Notes (available with the NET Group), $30.
* MT-LXX Parallel aligns the Greek and Hebrew texts word for word, $80

Unfortunately, the digital versions of Bezae, Vaticanus, Washingtoniensis and the GNT Papyrus module are not on sale.

More details about the Textual Studies Sale here.

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