Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P126: two notes

P126 is, as we have already noted here, a small papyrus fragment containing parts of Hebrews 13.12-13 and 19-20.
There are two points of interest to note:
  1. Although not much text survives (around 25 letters on each side), the upper margin survives and it contains page numbers: 161 and 162. So the last page of Hebrews would be page 162 and we can figure out approximately how much text was on the page 161: approximately 15 lines of NA27 text. Hence, according to the ed. pr., Hebrews would have taken around 45 pages, leaving around 117 pages before Hebrews. So we might be able to imagine what might have preceded Hebrews in this manuscript.
    There are a few different ways to do this, but nothing obvious springs to mind (Rom & 1 & 2 Cor look too long at this rate to fit into 117 pages). But this is something to ponder.
  2. At Heb 13.12 P126 reads: EXWTHSPULHSTHSPA[REMBOLHS. This would be a kind of conflationary reading (combining the two readings attested as alternatives in other manuscripts), which (as the editor suggests) may have come about through the incorporation into the text of a textual annotation in the exemplar.
As noted by Tommy already:
P 126 Florenz, Istituto papirologico "G. Vitelli", PSI 1497
Date: fourth century
with Heb 13,12-13; 19-20
ed. pr. in Pubblicazioni della Società Italiana: Papiri Greci e Latini 15, Firenze 2008, 171-2.

Up-date: see a more recent post here for another publication with photos.


  1. PH: "At Heb 13.12 P46 reads:"

    you mean P126 reads...?

  2. Is this a singular reading? My NA27 does not list such a conflated variant.

    THSPAREMBOLHS is read by P46 025 104 bo-ms
    THSPULHS is read by rell (in NA)

  3. Timo,
    Yes, I think it is (but I didn't check beyond NA27 so I didn't identify it as such). The editor says so: 'La lezione ... presente soltanto in 1497'

  4. is there a link to the images of p126?

  5. I too would love to see an image, even a lo-res one. No access to the publication (Pubblicazioni della Società Italiana: Papiri Greci e Latini 15, Firenze 2008, 171-2) nearby.

  6. A new post gives a link to an article which contains photos.

  7. Can you add a link to that new post Pete.

  8. Thank you very much for the heads up on the new post, here:

    Here is the direct link to the journal with the article and images of p126: