Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tregelles GNT for Bibleworks

Some two weeks ago, Dirk Jongkind announced the release of a digital transcription with images of the Greek New Testament by Tregelles on a new website here.

Dirk said: "The transcription should be relatively easy to incorporate into most Bible programs, and the smarter than average geek may be able to link directly to the relevant image of the print page (this would mean access to Tregelles's critical apparatus)."

One such "smarter than average geek" is Michael Hanel at The BibleWorks Blog who has now re-compiled the transcription for use in BibleWorks. Michael says:
Thanks to his [Dirk Jongkind's] contributions, as well as the other people who worked on this project, the team was able to produce a digital edition of Tregelles’ text as well as a secondary text which consists of corrections to Tregelles’ text.

Because they produced the text under the attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license, I was able to re-compile their texts for use in BibleWorks. If you want to know more about the Tregelles text itself or the Tregelles project, check out the official website and the Introductory PDF. The PDF is especially valuable because it documents the 469 changes they made to the original Tregelles text.

Moreover, Thomas Keene at Nerdlets has plans to produce an eBook.

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