Monday, June 29, 2009

SBL International Meeting in Rome: Preparation

I have arrived in Rome for the SBL International Meeting. I am staying at the very nice Swedish Institute in the vicinity of Villa Borghese – this is a fantastic area. During this conference we will have three sessions in the unit Working with Biblical Manuscripts with 13 papers. I hope to be able to report more on that. However, this time I am presiding the sessions so I probably cannot make as extensive notes as from the SBL in Boston last year.

The SBL Int. Meeting begins tomorrow with an opening session at 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM followed by a reception. In the opening session Maurice Gilbert of the Pontifical Biblical Institute will give a talk on "The Pontifical Biblical Institute: A Century of History." Gilbert, a Belgian Jesuit, has been associated with the Pontifical Biblical Institute since 1967; first as a student, then professor of exegesis of the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament. Subsequently, he was in charge of both the Institute's Roman centre as well as the one in Jerusalem. Now he is emeritus. He has also published a book with the same title. Kent Richards of the SBL presides the session. Paul Achtemeier, Union Theological Seminary, and Lawrence Boadt, Washington Theological Union, and James Kugel, Harvard University are respondents.

See also the videoclip, "A Century of Studying the Bible" with the Vice Rector of the Pontificial Biblical Institute at Bibbiablog. Now I am off to the town to take something to eat (probably a pizza or spaghetti), and maybe check out the Pontificial Biblical Institute at Piazza della Pillotta.


  1. be sure to post photos tommy!

  2. I'm very jealous. Wish I was there too. Jim is right - post photos!

  3. Glad to hear you're in Rome. Please let us know how it goes.

    I'm having trouble accessing the link for the Swedish Institute. I think it should have an "it" instead of org; hence:

    At any rate, it looks like the Swedish Institute is about five blocks from where I used to live in Rome during the 80s. It is a nice part of the city.

  4. Jim and Matt, yes I could post photos, but I forgot to bring a cable (and the computer doesn't have bluetooth). We will see. I can post photos when I get home.

    Stephen, you are right. I have changed the link.