Saturday, June 13, 2009

NT Text and Translation Commentary

On the blog, What I learned from Aristotle, Philip Comfort's book, the New Testament Text and Translation Commentary is positively reviewed.

I picked up a copy of Comfort's book at the SBL in Boston, but I have just had the chance to use it a couple of times, so I cannot really access it yet, but it does look user-friendly.

See also Bill Warren's note about the book here. In the comments Peter Head said he would put it on his shopping list for the SBL, but I know he got his copy for free there because the generous author was in the booth (not when I arrived though...).

Kevin Edgecomb and Nick Norelli also have comments on the book, here, here and here.


  1. Peter got it for free? Well, I certainly didn't have that kind of luck!

    It was on my shopping list as well. I've disagreed with a lot of things Comfort has written in the past, but I will say this, I saw him present live once, and he is an excellent public speaker - great ability to connect with people. Either way, I wanted to pick the book up.

    When I got to the booth, however, the attendant told me they weren't available for sale, that they had brought a display copy only and were prepared to take orders. I complained that I didn't want to pay shipping, and the attendant replied that shipping was covered as part of the conference discount. "even to canada?" I asked. "oh, sorry, no, not to canada." So I left without it, since I had already priced it cheaper online.

    My wife ended up putting it in my stocking at christmas, and though I haven't used it much yet, my initial impression is favourable.

  2. "My wife ended up putting it in my stocking"

    What shoesize do you have?

  3. ah, maybe this is a cultural thing, yes? In Canada, well, north america at least, not sure where else, you hang a large ridiculously over-sized sock by the fire place on christmas eve, which some lucky person will fill with little gifts and trinkets for you. My inlaw's have especially large and ornate ones, trimmed with lace and jingle bells, and they bestowed one upon me after the wedding. Nevermind comfort's book, you could probably fit a german shepherd.

  4. Ryan, I just pictured Comfort's book in your sock and thought it was funny. I know about the Christmas sock, and, you're right, we don't have it here. We put all the presents under the Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas Eve (not Christmas Day).

  5. As a student trying to navigate my way through this field, this is an outstanding book which is very user friendly for newbies like myself.

    I was also wondering if anyone can recommend a book which has a collection of high quality images of the early NT texts? Better yet, has anyone put images of the early texts onto a CD/DVD? Any help would be much appreciated.

  6. RE: Images.


    Try the following site:

    This is Wieland Willker's website's links to online images of papyri and uncials.

    He keeps it pretty much up-to-date. About the only uncial I know of that's online that he doesn't link to is the codex Boreelianus (9/10th Century, Byzantine Text)

    Those links should keep you busy for months. Besides those, to the right of this block under links are 3 that will yeild good results (particularly in less than 1 months time..:)

    Virtual Manuscript Room
    Codex Sinaiticus Project
    Center for Study of NT MSS

    Finally for later minuscules, see