Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"In Search of the Lost Scribes." Lecture by Timothy Janz, Curator of Greek Manuscripts at the Vatican Library

On June 8-9 2009, Dr Timothy Janz, Curator of Greek Manuscripts at the Vatican Library will come to Stockholm to deliver the Ars Edendi Lectures (this year including a lecture and a seminar).

The titles and exact times are as follows:

8 June, 5-7 PM, William-Olssonsalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Frescati (Stockholm University):

"In Search of the Lost Scribes: A Numerical Approach to Greek Paleography"

Description: "In this lecture Dr. Janz will describe his use of statistical analysis to plot the characteristic handwriting of known scribes in order to identify 'lost' scribes"

9 June, 10:15-12:00 AM, William-Olssonsalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Frescati

"Scholia: What are they Good For? ― Reflections on a New Edition of the Sophocles Scholia"

Description: "In this seminar, which is aimed at students and scholars knowledgeable in classical Greek, Dr. Janz presents some reflections on his new edition of the Greek scholia on Sophocles.

Doctor Janz studied at Université Laval (Quebec City, Canada), the Sorbonns and Lincoln College, Oxford. He has received a phd from the Sorbonne for thesis work on the Septuagint (the Greek Bible), and another phd from Oxford for his work on the Sophoclean scholia. He is currently Curator of Greek manuscripts at the Vatican Library.

Flyer here.

An announcement (in Swedish) and image of the lecturer is available on this blog.

See also our report on the International Summer School in Greek Palaeography at Lincoln College, Oxford, where Timothy Janz was one of the tutors.

Last year there was a second International Summer School in Greek Palaeography. Here you can see a lot of photos.

The Ars Edendi Lectures are organized by the research project Ars Edendi. Last year the project brought Nigel Wilson. Lincoln College, Oxford (who was one of the other tutors at the International Summer School in Greek Palaeography.
Ars Edendi is a Research Programme funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation for two four-year periods, beginning January 2008, and based at the section for Classical Languages at Stockholm University. The Programme is conceived as a laboratory of editorial philology concerned primarily with medieval Latin and Greek texts. Model editions representing various textual categories will be produced, and a final methodological study is to be published. An international, interdisciplinary network of scholars will be engaged in discussing the textual choices, development and results of the Programme.

I was not aware of this happening until today. Perhaps I will go for a ride to Stockholm next week then.


  1. But you're not the "T" who posted on the GPSS of -06, right?
    It truly was an amazing course; and, as I've heard from a colleague of mine, the following event last year was also a success. From the homepage: "The Third Lincoln College International Summer School in Greek Palaeography will take place in the summer of 2010. Further information will be available in the autumn of 2009."

  2. Venanzio, no that was T. M. Law I think (previously one of the ETC bloggers). Thanks for the link.

  3. I have posted a report of Dr Janz's visit to Stockholm now. It's in Swedish, I'm afraid, but hopefully some of you might find it useful.
    As for the third summer school, it is not as certain as it may sound that it actually will take place. I'll keep my fingers crossed, until further notice.