Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two or three silly things

For no good reason other than the fact that others have done it I had our blog gender-analysed. This is a scientific instrument for blog-kritik. You can tell the phenomenal level of accuracy by the results (Matt 7.20):
We guess is written by a woman (60%), however it's quite gender neutral.

Rod Decker noticed that a fancy new evangelical NT text-book had a photo claiming to be P52 that was not. Nick Norelli identified it as P. Oxy 52. Just think how many mistakes were made in the process of including this in the book!

There is a report that a fifth-sixth century monastery has been partially (and badly) excavated 'in the hills near Jerusalem'. An interesting mosiac was unearthed: "O Lord God of Saint Theodorus, protect Antonius and Theodosia the illustres, Theophylactus and John the priest." So here is an interesting quiz question: two of these names appear in a NT manuscript. Which names? Which manuscript? And could it have been written at this very site?


  1. I don't know what to think of this. I analysed the White Man's blog and it only came up 65% likely to have been written by a male!

  2. When I saw the proofs of The New Testament in Antiquity: A Survey of the New Testament within Its Cultural Context at SBL in Boston I noticed this and explicitly told a) the publishers (or at least the book sellers), b) at least one of the authors, and c) anyone else who listen. It just goes to show that people have a fascination with the area (and the high glass pictures) but are rather less interested in the details.

  3. Lord God appears in quite a few mss, as well as John the priest (Acts 4:6). But I don't suppose you were thinking of those names.

  4. Andrew, you are right. I was not (thinking of those names that is).

  5. Well, then, at a guess I'd have to go for Codex W, on account of age and location (W has a somewhat 'Caesarean' bit).

  6. Was Andrew Wilson's answer to the ms question the correct one?