Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My SBL Paper Accepted

Yesterday, my paper, "Text-types and the Evaluation of Readings in New Testament Textual Criticism," was accepted for the SBL Annual Meeting in New Orleans 2009, program unit New Testament Textual Criticism.

This year the section invited paper proposals for two sessions citing from the "call for papers": 1) The first session will be devoted to the study and re-evaluation of textual types or text families of New Testament manuscripts. 2) For the second session, we welcome papers on all aspects of the textual transmission of the New Testament, especially those that focus on the social-history of early Christian textual transmission and the history and practice of textual criticism.

My paper was proposed for the first session. Below is the abstract:

Ever since the days of Westcott and Hort the concept of text-types, as part of the external evidence, has played a major role in the evaluation of individual readings and the production of critical texts. The current standard editions differ little from the text of Westcott and Hort, reflecting a preference for the text-type commonly known as “Alexandrian.” In recent years, however, the study of the relationship between manuscripts has led to refined results, most importantly through the application of the Coherence Based Genealogical Method (CBGM). This development, it is argued, leads to a “calibration” of the external evidence that is likely to diminish the importance of the concept of text-types in New Testament textual criticism. Examples from passages in the Catholic Epistles will be presented in order to demonstrate in practice how a refined knowledge of manuscript relationships beyond text-types can aid in the evaluation of readings.


  1. Well done Tommy. That sounds like an interesting paper.

  2. Thanks Pete, well I hope the paper, when I come around to it, will be as interesting as the abstract.

  3. Jan Krans is doing one on Wettstein:

    How long before we can figure out the whole TC programme?

  4. Hi Pete (and Tommy).

    RE: the rest of the TC program, my paper, "The Existence and Importance of NT Ostraca", was also accepted.


  5. Congrats Tommy. I will be reading a paper in New Orleans as well. Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to run into one another. Check my blog (click my name then my website link) for an abstract of the paper a few posts down.

    All the best!

  6. Thanks John, I checked your blog.