Friday, March 06, 2009

Paper Accepted for the SBL International Meeting

I have had a paper accepted for the SBL International meeting in Rome for the section on Paul and Pauline letters. Here is the abstract: "Rethinking Readings in Romans (in Rome)" This paper explores the way broader narrative elements in Romans can shed fresh light on some variations in the letter. These variations are found in quotations, allusions and echoes of the Old Testament. Building on my earlier work on the text of Romans 8:28, which explores the allusion to Gen. 50:20 and argues that the Joseph story helps establish the text of Rom.8:28 and has influenced the shape of Paul's thought in Chapters 9-11 (JTS 46(1995)547-550) I consider three other textual variations in Romans. The paper will study the text of Romans 4:1 and the story of Abraham, the text of Romans 8:2 and the story of the righteous sufferer, and the text of Romans 9:28 and the story of the Righteousness of God.
I hope to meet up with several members of Evangelical Textual Criticism at this conference. Peter Rodgers


  1. Well done Peter - both on the ISBL and on posting to the blog! Welcome.

  2. Hi Peter,
    How could I get a copy of your SBL paper?
    Brian Shealy