Monday, March 16, 2009

Rico Reviews Greenlee

Rick Brannan reviews J. Harold Greenlee's The Text of the New Testament (Hendrickson) on his ricoblog.

He concludes:
If Greenlee intended to write a book to make textual critics happy, to compete with standards like Metzger and Aland & Aland, then he surely failed, and Elliott’s review is spot-on. But Greenlee didn’t do that. He wrote a book for the average person, sitting in the pew, with some basic questions about the text. Greenlee paints in broad strokes and gives general answers to the questions, which is what his desired audience needs.

Academics and textual critics can continue to nitpick Greenlee’s book, but don’t pay attention to them. If you need something on textual criticism for a basic layperson audience, Greenlee is your go-to book.


  1. what would you recommend to an OT person like myself who knows NT greek pretty well, but doesn't know much about NT textual criticism?

  2. @Mike,
    You're probably at a level where Metzger would be the one for you.