Thursday, November 08, 2007

Towards the Fifth Edition of the UBS GNT

This is just to highlight an important presentation regarding the planned Fifth Edition of the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament. The meeting is AM17-20 at the forthcoming Society of Biblical Literature congress in San Diego on 17 November this year. Time: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM; Location: Del Mar A - GH [Correction: Ort Convention Center 31A].


  1. I trust that some of you will update those of us not able to be at SBL this year re. these plans for UBS5. We'll appreciate it--along with any other "gleanings" from the conference.

    (And BTW, note Dan Wallace's new

    of textual variants on his blog at

  2. Yes, please keep us updated on what happens at the presentation. And, indeed, anything said about TC at SBL this year.

  3. There is too much TC at SBL this year. Hardly time to go to normal sessions!

  4. Peter, is that "too much TC at SBL" an indication of a renewed interest in the area or just "I do it 'coz others are doing it too" ?-)

  5. Well, my earlier SBL strategy (such as it was) was to go to all the (NT) TC and then go to things that were either generally interesting or relevant to my current teaching.
    This year there are 4 extra TC sessions (UBS5; IGNTP; Metzger memorial; Petersen memorial); and the Mark group are doing TC (2 sessions). Put that together with the 'normal' TC and the papyrology sessions, then you will see that there is not much general interest time left.
    I would have liked to go to the Paul and Empire session (Tom Wright vs John Barclay), but that clashes with one of my presentations.
    And I was hoping to have some time body surfing too.

  6. The correct location of the UBS5-meeting is: Convention Center 31 A (not Del Mar A - GH which is a mistake in the Online Program Book).