Thursday, November 01, 2007

One Hundred Fifty Thousand!

On Reformation day 2007, early evening, we welcomed our 150.000th visit to the ETC blog. A warm thank you to all our readers!


  1. Dear everyone
    This is not the most appropriate place to leave this notice: perhaps someone else will post this as an item in its own right.
    Some of the readers of this site may have noticed that the electronic editions linked to from -- that is, the electronic NT editions being made by ITSEE at Birmingham ( have not been functioning since early 1 November, 2007: over 24 hours, as I write. We apologize for this break in service. The editions are based on a University of Birmingham server, and we are currently seeking to identify and resolve the problem. We will try to fix this a s quickly as we can.
    Peter Robinson (co-director of ITSEE, with David Parker and Barbara Bordalejo)

  2. Here's a way to celebrate: I've tagged you with a 'top ten verses' meme. Visit my blog for more details. Enjoy! :)