Thursday, November 15, 2007

ETC Lunch at SBL

Our ETC Society of Biblical Literature lunch will be held on Monday, 19 November. Interested persons can congregate after the "Mark" session (9:00-11:30am in Salon 3 - MM). There is a great deal of TC at this year's conference, and I should guess that we will have much to discuss. We will have to eat quickly as some of us are presenting in the afternoon.


  1. I am now off to Stockholm. I will get up 4.30 AM and travel about 20 hours before I arrive in San Diego. I guess I will be a bit slow on Saturday when the meeting opens. But on Monday when I present (after the ETC lunch) I will hopefully be fit for fight. Here in Sweden there is ice and snow. Over there I guess the climate is rather different.

    My paper will focus on the difficult verses in Jude 22-23. Yes, the material is from my dissertation. I thought it was good to present it once on a conference. The next two conferences in next year I have very different topics.

  2. My journey is similar to Tommy's. I will be presenting at the same session, on the Codex Boreelianus (F 09). Be prepared for some nice images! No ice and snow as yet here in Amsterdam, but cold it is for sure.

  3. I am looking forward to presenting in the same session as you two! And it is pretty frosty in Cambridge right now as well.

  4. I will be attending the National Missionary Convention this coming weekend, in Cincinnati, instead. But if it is not too much trouble, could someone announce the following to SBL-meeting participants with an interest in the Gospel of Mark:

    "The Origin of Mark 16:9-20," by James Snapp, Jr., is available on request on CD. The CD also includes some supplemental articles. This is a very detailed examination and analysis of external and internal evidence relevant to the last 12 verses of Mark. The author contends that Mk. 16:9-20 was present in the Gospel of Mark when the book was first disseminated for church-use, having been added by Mark's colleagues at Rome in the late 60's following Mark's sudden departure. The e-mail address to write to for a copy is

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.
    Minister, Curtisville Christian Church
    Tipton, Indiana (USA)

  5. You are all welcome. The weather is fine here, a tad on the warm side. Bring swimming gear if you plan to stay after and body surf.

    (Weather is nicer than Athens last week, but I don't know if San Diego will match the warm waters of Tel Aviv the week before.)

  6. Body surfing! YEAH.

    I am about to leave.

  7. It is now delightfully warm here in San Diego and my body is unsure of the time. I'm not yet sure how many of us are going to do live reporting from the conference, but if I do get time to do so, I will try to avoid further references to the weather and focus on TC.