Friday, November 02, 2007

IGNTP online editions temporarily unavailable

As noted in a comment to a previous post the IGNTP online editions are temporarily offline. Here is what Peter Robinson had to say:

"Some of the readers of this site may have noticed that the electronic editions linked to from -- that is, the electronic NT editions being made by ITSEE at Birmingham ( have not been functioning since early 1 November, 2007: over 24 hours, as I write. We apologize for this break in service. The editions are based on a University of Birmingham server, and we are currently seeking to identify and resolve the problem. We will try to fix this a s quickly as we can. Peter Robinson (co-director of ITSEE, with David Parker and Barbara Bordalejo)"

Having checked this morning, it appears to me that the problem relates strictly to the body of the Byzantine, Vetus Latina and Majuscule editions and not to the preliminary matter, which remains available.

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  1. Many are likely already aware of this, but all of the links on the IGNTP online editions site are now working fine.

    Bill Warren