Monday, September 17, 2007

Syriac-Latin Bible and other varia

I've received notification of the following from Tigran Aivazian:

We have published the following books recently: Syriac-Latin Bible, Vol I: Genesis-Ecclesiastes. This edition contains the Syriac text and the corresponding literal Latin translation of the Walton's Polyglot of 1657, known also as The London Polyglot. It is available here:

The most comprehensive Thesaurus Syriacus by J. Payne Smith. The original is in 2 volumes but we had to split it into 3 volumes because of Lulu's maximum of 800 pages per volume limitation. The volumes are available here:
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:

We have also reprinted the classic tool for studying Syriac -- Whish, Clavis Syriaca. This is a grammatical analysis of the Syriac Gospels (in Peshitto version) word by word. It is available here:

For those interested in the ancient coptic witnesses of the NT we have reprinted: The Text, Facsimile and (English) Translation of the earliest Coptic manuscript of the Gospel of John. Also included is an introductory grammar of Coptic. This book is available at:


  1. The Syriac tools are good to have available. However, for those unable to afford the printed volumes, note that they are available for free download at

  2. The Coptic text of John referenced here (ac2) is also available for download in .pdf format.

  3. Is there something wrong with the free download of the two volumes of
    Payne's Syriac Dictionary?

    Why pay for this one, unless you want a cheap hardcover?

    Mr. Gary S. Dykes

  4. Yes, many things are wrong with the "free download" of the two volume Thesaurus Syriacus. Try printing it out and then compare the quality with my version.
    The same applies to Clavis Syriaca.

    As for the Coptic John, I wasn't aware of the free download --- I will check its quality and if it is the same as mine then I will set the royalty to 0 so people pay just the production cost.

    Also, how about Lexicon Linguae Aethiopicae of August Dillmann? Is it available for free download as well? I published a facsimile of the 1865 edition and it is available in the usual place:

    Shabbat shalom

  5. Excellent news, and to be encouraged. I hope that more of these texts will be printed, and that the enterprise will be financially successful.

    To address some of the comments: I believe that most people find book-format much easier to use, for most purposes. The electronic forms do have their uses -- particularly for occasional reference by people who don't use them much -- but not for more than that. They are wonderful to have online; equally so to have available in printed form.

    Incidentally Whish "Clavis Syriaca" is also available from Georgias Press.

  6. What I wouldn't give for a facsimile of the whole london polyglot!

  7. I'm pretty sure that Tigran has scanned the lot.

  8. Yes, of course, but London Polyglot is not convenient to print via Lulu because you need at least A3 paper size. Printing it on A4 (or legal) paper would produce very bad unreadable quality, which is why I haven't done it.