Friday, September 21, 2007


James Snapp thought you would all laugh out loud when you read this:

You Might Be a Textual Critic If . . .

(1) You take the Rorshach test, and a couple of inkblots look like the silhouettes of papyrus fragments.

(2) When someone refers to Constantine the Great, you think of Tischendorf.

(3) When someone says “Manning,” you think of Bruce Metzger instead of the Indianapolis Colts.

(4) You think it’s more accurate to call “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” a Category IV movie.

(5) When people ask you what time it is, you direct them to a clock, 200 miles away, which was made in honor of a great clockmaker.

You’re Probably Not a Textual Critic If . . .

(1) Upon hearing of the Freer Logion, you wonder if there is a Less-free Logion.

(2) You think Kirsopp Lake is somewhere in Minnesota.

(3) You think the Eusebian Canons were used at the Battle of Waterloo.

(4) You think the Textus Receptus puts extra punctuation in First John 5:7.

(5) When informed that ancient copyists contracted nomina sacra, you wonder if they ever recovered.

Meanwhile check out his annotated Greek Uncial Archetype of Mark.

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