Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grenfell, Hunt, Breccia, and the Book Collections of Oxyrhynchus

An article of interest in the latest issue of Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies. Autumn 2007. Vol. 47, Iss. 3; pg. 327:

"Grenfell, Hunt, Breccia, and the Book Collections of Oxyrhynchus" by George W Houston.

"In the winter of 1905-1906, Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt made a series of three great literary finds while digging for papyri at Oxyrhynchus. In the 1990s, Maria Serena Funghi and Gabriella Messeri Savorelli published two articles that dealt with these finds. Here, Houston reconstructs the archaelogy Grenfell and Hunt's second and third finds, and argues against Funghi and Messeri Savorelli, that Breccia's find cannot have been a continuation of Grenfell and Hunt's second find."

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  1. Thanks Tommy,

    I can't find this online as yet. But people may also be interested to know that this subject was addressed by Don Barker in his article "Codex, Roll, and Libraries in Oxyrhynchus" published in the Tyndale Bulletin 57.1 (2006).