Thursday, September 13, 2007

ETS Conference Programme Available

The Nov 2007 ETS conference programme (of course they spell it differently) is on-line. There are lots of interesting papers, but not many papers on textual criticism (especially when compared with being a southern baptist, finding Noah's ark and keeping women in their proper place); but I did find the following:
Douglas Burleson, 'When Did Scribes Stop Being Creative? Scribal Tendencies in Fp and Gp' (on p. 26)

Somebody else should take a look to see whether I missed some.


  1. Oops.

    See the several items about tc at ETS on the bright light discussion.

  2. Doug Burleson's paper will focus on the scribal changes that can be seen in the copy process behind Fp and Gp as one of the instances when we can actually see what the scribes were doing based on the direct connection between these two mss.

    The paper that a PhD student, Delio DelRio and myself are presenting on 1 Cor. 14:33 is TC based primarily, with the use of the mss for determining the most likely punctuation of the verse being the focus of the paper.

    Dr. Mark Tagami will also be presenting a TC paper on some of the variants in Hebrews.

  3. Dr. Head,

    I met you at the TC Conference in Birmingham last spring. I was the student attending with Dr. Warren. Thank you for mentioning my presentation in your post. Look forward to seeing you at ETS.