Monday, April 02, 2007

IGNTP website

The IGNTP website has just been updated. Although there's not much there the site is where the multilingual edition of John will eventually be hosted.


  1. Does the statement on the IGNTP web site that:

    "The IGNTP is now working in partnership with ... INTF ... towards the preparation of an edition of ... John in the Editio Critica Maior series"

    mean that these two projects are being merged? Or only that the IGNTP group will produce the John vol. for INTF?

    Rod Decker

  2. A formal agreement has been signed between the IGNTP and the INTF (and the German Bible Society) to work on a joint edition of John. This will constitute the Editio Critica Maior of John in the INTF's series. The executive editor is David Parker and there will be three editors from each organisation:

    IGNTP: Parker, Schmid, W.J. Elliott
    INTF: Strutwolf, Wachtel, Mink

    The IGNTP remains fully independent of the INTF, but for this project there is close collaboration. There remain differences of approach, which are helpful. For instance, the INTF has produced Teststellen of John 1-10, whereas the IGNTP has produced (as yet unpublished) full collation of all available continuous text mss of John 18. The two different sets of data can complement each other as they can be analysed in different ways.